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Tele-Optometry Instruction

Why we’ve added Tele-Optometry as part of our service procedure ( including email, phone call, and video meeting)?

  1. It can solve some problems but is not a replacement of comprehensive eye exam.
  2. In some cases, special devices or equipment needed, a visit at the clinic will be arranged at the end of the Tele-Optometry consultation.
  3. Tele-communication before hand will facilitate in-person visits to be brief and much safer with less time spent in the clinic.

Steps for Tele-Optometry consultation:

  1. You need to sign a consent form first. Tele-Optometry and Electronic Communication Consent
  2. Dr. Yilei Wang will consult you with one of the available methods of Tele-Optometry service.
  3. If video consultation elected, please make sure the device of yours has a video camera for the consultation.
  4. Please join the consultation at your booked time with the (it is a Tele-medicine service platform, and do not need to download any application.)

Fee for the service of Tele-Optometry:

  1. Please keep in mind that, Tele-optometry so far is not an OHIP covered service. However, some insurance companies may cover the fee of the service.
  2. Based on the complexity and time spent on your case, Tele-Optometry service fee ranges from $25-60.00. You will be informed additional fee if in-person service is not an OHIP covered item for your age or eye condition.
  3. Payment method: We recommend contactless payment. For E-transfer, please arrange to


COVID-19 Notes

Thank you for entrusting Markham Eye and Vision Care .

Following the guidelines of College of Optometrists of Ontario, and the Directive of Chief Medical Officer of Health, we try our best with preventative measures to protect our patients and team against the spread of COVID-19.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

New procedures for your appointment and visits.