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MEVC In-Person Visit Instruction

Our goal is to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for everyone in our office. Here are some important notes for patients with in-person appointment:

 Please try to complete all applicable paperwork in advance before come to your appointment. ( Such as new patients registration form, insurance e-Claims form, and etc.)

Please continue to use and adhere to the provincial Self-assessment tool of COVID-19 for evaluation of symptoms. If you are not feeling well, please not hesitate to inform us and reschedule your appointment to another day.

 Please be on time of your scheduled appointment. You are expected to wait in your vehicle upon arriving at the parking lot (if weather permits). Call or text to 905-471-8118 to let us know you are here. Please do not directly walk in without our confirmation of the readiness.

 Patient is expected to enter the clinic alone (unless patient need extra assistance from a parent, or a caregiver) . Please have the driver wait in the vehicle or outdoor ( if weather permits).

Wearing a face mask is still required for anyone entering the clinic. Please keep the mask on during the whole time in the office(not required if < 2 years old). One-way valve masks are not permitted in the clinic.

Hand hygiene and proper physical distancing still are important during your visit.

Please try to limit touch points unless quite necessary. All service related areas will be disinfected immediately after the appointment. We clean and disinfect common sharing areas frequently and regularly.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


September 1st, 2023 OHIP Updates Eye Examinations


Starting September 1, 2023, there are some changes to how OHIP covers eye exams in Ontario.

Please take your time to read here , which provides more detailed information about OHIP’s coverage for eye exams across different age groups.